Deadlines for Input–and More Hearings

Take Note! A number of hearings in the council have now been scheduled and a few deadlines are quickly approaching.

Get Your Voice Heard:

October 28: Last day to submit written testimony for the DC council on charter fiscal transparency legislation.

October 30: Last day to give feedback on DCPS taking over the school improvement team process.

Very soon: Deadline approaching for giving feedback to DCPS on their food services (with the new request for proposals coming out very shortly).

Council Hearings/Meetings:

October 21: TODAY, 4:30 pm, roundtable on issues facing DC youth

October 27: School Climate Survey Act hearing and hearing on act for assessment of children of incarcerated parents, 2 pm

October 28: Regularly scheduled meeting of the education committee

October 29: Hearing at 10 am on charter preference legislation for the military

November 7: Teacher town hall on school to prison pipeline: 10 am, Southeast Library; rsvp required.

November 14: Roundtable on early care and early learning, 10 am

Still Waiting for a Public Airing of Some Sort:

–The state of summer 2015 DCPS modernizations
–Promised roundtable in late 2015 with the deputy mayor for education to ensure a way to make school building re-use “fair, transparent, and consistent” (per page 57 of the final education committee report).
–Upshot of (now past and ignored) October 1 deadline for a report from the task force on school collaboration “on the strategic plan and timeline for the process of formalizing the disposition of former DCPS buildings to charter schools” (per page 74 of the aforementioned report).

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