Updated: Council Education Hearings, Fall 2015

Hearings are below, in chronological order. Sign up to testify is available at the links provided (note deadlines for signing up–some may have passed):

September 17th, 10 am: confirming appointment of Ms. Ricarda Ganjam to the Public Charter School Board.

September 24th, 12:30 pm: discussion with adult education students and providers on literacy and adult ed. in DC.

September 30th, 10 am: discussing public school food services and the DCPS food services vendor contract. Note that DCPS is attempting to survey users of its food services.

October 1, 10 am: discussing proposed legislation on ways to provide help to child development centers and clarifying the licensing process for online education.

October 14, 1 pm: hearing on proposed legislation to clarify charter school financing and conflicts of interest therein.

October 21, 4:30 pm: hearing for youth 21 years old and younger to speak about DC’s education system and their experiences therein.

Hearings that are possible and/or desirable but thus far unscheduled:

–The state of summer 2015 DCPS modernizations
–Promised roundtable in late 2015 with the deputy mayor for education to ensure a way to make school building re-use “fair, transparent, and consistent” (per page 57 of the final education committee report).
–Upshot of October 1 deadline for a report from the task force on school collaboration “on the strategic plan and timeline for the process of formalizing the disposition of former DCPS buildings to charter schools” (per page 74 of the aforementioned report).

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