Deputy mayor for education sets up task force for coordinating charters and DCPS schools; sign up NOW

[Ed note: The following is an email I received from the deputy mayor for education regarding a new task force for coordinating charters and DCPS schools. VJ]

Dear Education Stakeholder,

I am excited to announce the launch of the DC Cross-Sector Collaboration Task Force!  The Task Force is charged with developing a report for the Mayor with clear and fair recommendations on how to improve the coherence of public education in DC for families and increase the collaboration across and among public schools to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and student outcomes.  The Task Force will focus its efforts on identifying key aspects of education that would benefit from cross-sector –DC Public School (DCPS) and public charter schools – efforts.  The Mayor and I believe that the next chapter toward improving our public schools will be deliberate, purposeful collaboration.  Our education leaders are ready and willing to come to the table and I am committed to leading a meaningful and transparent process.

The Task Force will be a two year effort, and will tackle issues in a phased approach. The task force will be comprised of between 23-25 members with diverse representation of LEAs, district agencies, and public school parents. Membership will be balanced across sectors, demographics and ward of residence.  We have not yet identified members of the Task Force and are collecting names over the next month.  If you are interested in participating in the Task Force or wish to nominate someone, please email the following information to name of person being nominated, nominee contact information and ward of residence, and why the person would be a good member of the Task Force.

Public input is critical to ensuring that we develop sound and meaningful recommendations.  There will be multiple opportunities to engage with the DME and Task Force members throughout the process.  Details and timing of each will be released at a later date.

  • Participate in a Focus Group. Opportunity to provide in-depth issue-specific input into various policy options and strategies being considered by the Task Force.
  • Attend community meetings. Opportunity to provide feedback on policies and strategies being considered by the Task Force.  Both small and large scale meeting will be organized.
  • Participate in an online survey. Opportunity to provide feedback on-line.
  • Testify.  Opportunity to speak at with members of the Task Force at a public roundtable held by the Task Force.
  • Participate in Local Education Agency (LEA) meetings. Opportunity for school leaders and staff to engage and provide ongoing feedback.

For more information on the initiative please visit the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) website at

We look forward to your continued engagement!

Thank you,

Jennifer C. Niles

Deputy Mayor for Education

John A. Wilson Building

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW; Suite 307

Washington, DC 20004

Cell: (202) 308-8640

Special Assistant Tara Lynch: (202) 727-4270

DME Office:  (202) 727-3636


2 thoughts on “Deputy mayor for education sets up task force for coordinating charters and DCPS schools; sign up NOW

  1. Yes! There were accompanying documents that I did not put here that suggested that broad representation from across the city was desired. However, since the task force itself will have up to 25 members, and a lot of people who are paid staffers from the involved agencies are part of it already, it’s not likely that there are a lot of positions still available for the general public. Additionally concerning was the fact that the meetings will not be public–only the minutes of them–and the task force will apparently stop operating after two years.


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