Interview With DC’s Auditor On DC Public Schools

Last month, DC schools advocate Peter MacPherson spoke with DC auditor Kathy Patterson about DC’s public schools. In their hour-long conversation, which is here, they discuss a number of important issues, including lack of public involvement in our schools; the waste of public dollars in school modernizations; the lack of maintenance of renovated schools; personnel churn; and budget cuts. [Note: if the link above to the M4a recording doesn’t play, try this one to an MP3 recording.]

As you may recall, Patterson has recently completed a number of investigative reports regarding our school food preparation and services and food service costs; school modernizations, including a close look at the Duke Ellington high school renovation; and, most recently, the lack of proper handing off and maintenance of recently renovated DCPS schools.

Hope you enjoy the lively and informative conversation of two of our city’s best public schools experts.

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