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“When we have principals who are not letting kids back into school, what are we doing with those principals? It’s not my place to try to get someone fired, but someone has to hold our school staff accountable whenever children are kept from learning.”

–Ombudsman for Public Education Joyanna Smith, about minute 54 of the council’s budget oversight hearing for that office, May 4, 2017. Smith’s statement came as she discussed the need for systems citywide to address common barriers and ensure accountability; her office has worked with more than 1000 DC public school families in the last 3 years.

One thought on “No Comment

  1. That testimony was hard to hear as was that of the Ombudsman and Student Advocate at the oversight hearing, when, among other problems parents/students have, they told about a six year old boy who missed an entire month of class because the process to change schools was so badly managed. Hopefully, with Mr. Wilson, who has actually managed a public school district before and should know all the details of what’s needed, these kinds of problems will get solved.


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