June 15: Time to Speak Up For Public School Sports

at the council, at any rate:

On Wednesday June 15, at 10 am, the education committee of the city council is holding a hearing on proposed legislation that creates an administrative entity to handle all DC school-based sports.

For anyone who has experienced the heartbreakingly common problems of DC school athletics (buses not showing up; absent coaches; coaches who have never played the sport they are coaching; teams without uniforms; teams who have no knowledge of a sport’s basic rules; equipment promised and then not delivered; no practice space; no clear game schedule; mismanagement of funds–I could go on, but you get the picture), this hearing is vital.

Simply put, our elected leaders need to hear how our kids deserve the time, commitment, and funding that our public school sports have not received adequately and equitably for years running.

Sign up is here or by calling 202-724-8061–both before June 13.

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