Why Knowledge (and Curriculum) Matter

Next Wednesday June 1, at 6:30 pm at McKinley Tech HS (151 T St. NE), Dan Willingham, a cognitive scientist at the University of Virginia, will speak about the importance of a rich curriculum from the youngest ages.

Willingham writes the “Ask the Cognitive Scientist” column for American Educator magazine and will discuss how deep and rich study of science, history, and the arts helps students become strong readers who can think critically and solve problems.

You can get more information and RSVP here.

(The Office of the State Superintendent of Education; the DC State Board of Education; the Senior High Alliance of Parents, Principals, and Educators; the Public Charter School Board; DCPS; the Washington Teachers Union; the DC Language Immersion Project; the Deputy Mayor for Education; and Coalition 4DC Schools all sponsored this forum.)

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