Behind Closed Doors – Part 2

Michael Chandler reported in The Washington Post on November 5, 2015, that the Cross-Sector Collaboration Task Force meetings will be held in public. Shayne Wells, a spokesman for the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME), said the DME’s office will comply with the Office of Open Government’s ruling that the Task Force is a public body under the DC Open Meetings Act, and that its meetings must be held in the public. “We were committed to an open and transparent process,” Wells said. “This will make it even more open and transparent.” As of November 9, the DME hadn’t updated its website or its Frequently Asked Questions.

The DME’s office received more than 100 nominations for the Task Force. Interviews over the phone are being scheduled with many of the nominees. The Task Force members are expected to be selected by the end of November, and the first Task Force meeting is planned before the end of the year.

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