New School Improvement Team (SIT) Process

As noted a few weeks ago, DCPS is changing how renovations are handled and taking over management of the school improvement team (SIT) process–and desires public input on the changes by October 30.

Any school undergoing a renovation forms a SIT, which is comprised of school stakeholders, including staff, parents, and community members.

In the past, SITs had been handled by DGS, the city agency in charge of all DCPS renovations. The degree to which membership in, and meetings of, SITs were open to all has varied widely.

DCPS has posted materials on the change in SIT formation at The materials outline a process somewhat removed from recommendations that the 21st Century School Fund offered DCPS from SIT participants around the city.

The deadline for comments on the new SIT process is October 30. Comments and questions may be posted on the website OR emailed to

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