Counting Down To School

Days between when staff showed up at DC’s Inspired Teaching charter school in person and when the first staff member tested positive for covid: Less than 5

Days between when administrators learned of the positive test and when the school notified parents of it: 4

Days after the parent notification that students returned to school in person: 5

Percentage of Inspired school staff fully vaccinated: More than 90%

#1 and #2: Rank of childcare/daycare and school buildings in a list of places in DC with the greatest frequency of COVID cases between July 31, 2020 and August 4, 2021

Days before the start of school that HVAC inspection reports disappeared from the DCPS website on re-opening: 11

Minimum number of DCPS schools with HVAC failures in the week before school starts on August 30: 10

Number of points DCPS teachers got (on a quiz about returning safely to schools) for correctly answering a question on whether school HVAC systems have been inspected and updated as needed: 1

Number of possible answers: 2 (true or false)

Days before DCPS starts that a celebration will be held for the opening of the new Banneker high school building: 2

Mentions of the old Banneker building in the city’s capital plan: 0

Days before DCPS starts that the cafeteria ceiling at Hart MS was leaking: 12

Years after a new elementary school is built for Ward 3, the city’s wealthiest ward, that Hart will receive a full renovation: At least 3

Years that a work order for a roof leak at Eastern HS has been unfulfilled: 2

Years until the new Ward 3 elementary exists: 2

Percent of economically disadvantaged students at Hart and Eastern: 100%

Reason for building a new elementary school in Ward 3: Diversity

Number of families as of August 18 who got a doctor to sign off on the form that says their student “required” virtual instruction as a result of that student’s medical condition, not that of other family members: 150 (per the mayor’s press conference)

Number of people approved as of August 18 for virtual instruction in DCPS after having that form signed: 98 (possibly because of doctors’ reluctance)

Scenarios under which the mayor said at her August 18 press conference that she would change her order to have in person learning: 0

Number of covid cases in DC on August 23, 2021: 54,031

Number on August 23, 2020, when DCPS in person learning was delayed: 13,639

Minimum number of public witnesses testifying before the DC state board of education on August 18 about their concerns with in person learning: 40

Reported denominators indicating total numbers of staff and students, to calculate percent rates of reported positive and quarantined cases in DCPS: 0

Date when Ward 8 state board rep Carlene Reid sent a letter to the mayor, asking for a virtual option for all students and expressing concern with the medical waiver form and its ignoring of health concerns of family members: August 23

Date when at large council member Christina Henderson and 7 other council members sent a letter to the mayor asking that vaccinations for all public school personnel be made mandatory: August 24

Date when the DC state board of education sent a letter to the mayor, asking for a virtual option, testing of all students, and adjusting attendance policies: August 25

Date when Ward 3 council member Mary Cheh made a list of items to protect DC school kids, including outdoor lunches, testing consent via an opt-out form, vaccine mandates for all students, and a virtual option: August 25

Number of signatures on a petition to have virtual learning in DCPS: More than 1200 as of August 26

Date petition was started: August 16

Percent of students to be tested at the private school where deputy mayor for education Paul Kihn is a parent: 100%

Percent of students to be tested in DCPS: Less than 20% (DCPS has committed to random samples of 10-20% of unvaccinated students who opt in, using a form with a liability waiver to absolve DC of all liability if a student attending in person contracts covid)

Percent of students actually tested in DCPS in spring 2021: 4%

Number of items parents must provide in written form to DCPS as proof of quarantining for a student who is not designated to quarantine by DCPS: 5 (date of covid exposure; length of quarantine; and name, organization, and contact information of the medical professional or contact tracer ordering the quarantine).

Details DCPS has provided regarding virtual instruction in the event a class or teacher must quarantine per DCPS rules: 0

Number of disqualifying factors to be a member of the charter board’s parent and alumni leadership council, which advises the charter board about its policies and practices: 9 (DC elected officials; charter school employees; charter advocacy organization employees; charter school board chairs; charter school trustees; members of the working press; multimedia journalists; full-time bloggers; and blog editors cannot serve)

Number of disqualifying factors to be a member of the DC public charter school board: 2 (employees of DCPS and employees of charter schools cannot serve)

Minimum amount of contributions between spring 2019 and spring 2020 from DC area education advocates, employees, and an elected DC state board of education member collected by a political action committee (PAC) for education reform headed by DC charter school board member Lea Crusey: $5000

Amount donated by Scott Pearson to Crusey’s PAC while he served as DC charter board executive director: $1000

Amount donated by Pearson after he retired as charter board executive director: $2000

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