October 29: Engaging On Schools

Next Tuesday October 29, our city will hold two events important for community engagement in our schools:

–From 6-9 pm, at Maury Elementary (1250 Constitution NE), DCPS will hold its annual, mandated, budget hearing. Sign up by TOMORROW October 25 at 3 pm to testify. See here for more information and see here to sign up.

Interestingly, several years ago a parent I know who wished to testify did not sign up ahead of time to do so–and was turned away. Sadly, there’s nothing I’ve seen to show that won’t happen again. As it is, the information page about this budget hearing is buried at least two webpages away from the main webpage for DCPS–which features news about upcoming or current events, but not this meeting. Good luck.

–Starting at 4 pm, the DC Council will hold a hearing for youth from age 21 and younger to testify about safe passage and other issues of importance to them. See more information here, and sign up to testify here.

Also interestingly, the council has just scheduled a hearing on legislation to establish an office of safe passage. See here for information on the hearing.

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