Charter Walkability Preference Meeting: 3/23

Well, I seem to have missed the notice, but the second (and presumably last) public meeting on the mayor’s charter school walkability preference is this Thursday March 23, starting at 6 pm at the Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Neighborhood Library (115 Atlantic St. SW).

More information is here.

My missing this just might have had something to do with the fact that the meeting is listed on DC’s open government calendar under the cross sector task force–which (thus far) doesn’t have anything to do with it–and not (yet) on the website for the deputy mayor for education, who actually is charged with running the meeting as well as creating the legislation to make the charter walkability preference a reality.

But at least the meeting is listed on My School DC–where it says it is “rescheduled.”

(And no, I don’t know what it was “rescheduled” from–but if you do, please let the rest of us know.)

One thought on “Charter Walkability Preference Meeting: 3/23

  1. Rescheduled from the snow the previous week. They came to the Wars 7 Education council meeting afterwards. We let them have it. I can send you the notes I took if you would like.


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