Want To Hear About The Walkability Preference? Call At Noon, Tomorrow, Thursday February 9

Last week, the mayor and her deputy mayor for education, Jennifer Niles, proposed having a charter school lottery preference called the “walkability preference.” Elementary-age children who live farther than half a mile from their by right school, but within that distance to a charter school, would get preference for that charter school in the lottery, should the charter school choose to offer it.

Tomorrow, Thursday February 9, from 12-12:45 pm, you can hear the cross sector task force discuss this via a phone call–as many of the task force members (like the rest of us) first heard about the proposal last week when it was announced.

At noon, call 515-604-9300, then enter code 821824. [UPDATE: This number and code is different from what had been previously announced]

As many as 10,000 DC children would be covered by this proposal, which would affect enrollments at many DCPS schools and require a change in the school reform act. The proposal has yet to be made into a bill that the council can vote on–and before any vote, there will be a hearing.

Expect a lively conversation.

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