And Yet More Cross Sector Task Force Meetings (Not Obviously) Announced . . .

but you can see a few of them listed here, with the next one starting tomorrow:

–November 7, 5-9 pm, at EducationCounsel, 101 Constitution Ave. Suite 900: this is marked as a retreat. It is not clear whether it is open to the public, although its listing on this public calendar suggests it is.

–November 22, 6-8 pm, at the same place above: this is a regularly scheduled task force meeting.

The deputy mayor for education’s website for the task force doesn’t have any information on these meetings.

But at the last meeting, on October 25, attendees received handouts that showed that the January meeting would be rescheduled. There was also floated the possibility of two phone meetings before the November 22 meeting.

In addition, the deputy mayor’s office just released these notes on the October 25 meeting discussions, which included concerns raised about new school residency requirements as well as midyear entry, transfer, and exit policies–and a a summary of the mobility data that the task force has been given.

It is not clear when policy proposals for either midyear transfers or by right charter schools will be taken to the public.

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