Erm, Meet the New Ed Specs–Maybe

So, after months of internal discussions, DCPS is apparently getting public input into its new and improved educational specifications, which will guide future modernizations and renovations of schools.

Well, sort of:

Tonight, Tuesday May 24, at the SHAAPE meeting (Senior High Alliance of Parents, Principals, and Educators; Dunbar HS, 6 pm), DCPS officials will be trotting out an iteration of the new (and presumably improved) ed specs, which they presented to the Ward 4 Education Alliance earlier this month (see here for the notes of that meeting, which include the pertinent observation that “we have been burned by architectural ideas of the past like open plan schools”).

Here is a link to those ed specs presented to the Ward 4 community, which do not appear otherwise accessible from DCPS’s website.

Please comment below if you have word on a schedule for the DCPS ed spec dog and pony show, so the rest of us have a chance for comments.

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