Show Up at City Hall with Brown Water

Just got an email about this, so am passing it on, since it’s slated to happen in TWO hours:

Who: DC public school parents, staff, children to join with the environmental justice committee of the Sierra Club

What: To present brown water to city council

Where: Our city hall, Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW)

When: Meet on steps of Wilson Building TODAY at 9:30 am, Friday April 29. Presentation of water to council to happen at 10 am.

Why: To protest persistent and urgent environmental problems in DC public schools, including the presence of lead in school water; poor school facilities and a need to Fix All in 6 years; and the fact that one DC public school had brown water coming out of its taps the other day.

There is a Facebook page about this protest available here.

Sorry for the rush–but if you can go, please do so. It’s shameful that in our rich city (as David Catania was fond of saying) kids not only have decrepit school facilities, but public officials do not appear to be concerned enough to address the issues in a timely manner. Right now, plenty of DC kids have, and will continue, to attend schools in poor condition for their entire childhoods.

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