How About Some Cross-Sector Task Force Meetings to Go Along With Your Snow/Ice/Cold?

Soooo, now we have a cross-sector task force meeting schedule, kinda sorta, with the first one starting tomorrow (scroll down on that link above to actually see the dates):

Wednesday, February 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library (901 G Street NW) Room 417
Tuesday, March 22, Location TBD
Tuesday, April 26, Location TBD
Tuesday, May 24, Location TBD
Tuesday, June 28, Location TBD
Tuesday, July 26, Location TBD
Tuesday, August 23, Location TBD
Tuesday, September 27, Location TBD
Tuesday, October 25, Location TBD
Tuesday, November 22, Location TBD
Tuesday, December 27, Location TBD

These meetings, open to the public and starting at 6 pm each night, are in addition to the task force focus groups held around the city this month by the deputy mayor for education, who is in charge of the task force.

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