The First Meeting of the Cross-Sector Task Force is . . .

on January 26 at 6 pm–and now there is a location for that meeting: MLK Library, 901 G St. NW.

As you may have read, the cross-sector collaboration task force will be meeting monthly for the next year or so to ensure that charters and DCPS figure out ways to co-exist in the city without hurting one another and helping everyone involved.

The website of the deputy mayor for education (DME), who is running the task force, doesn’t have any mention of meeting locations for the task force–yet. A spokesperson assured me the other day, however, that the DME website would be updated with meeting locations as soon as those locales were confirmed (well, not counting the meeting on 1/26, whose location is still unmentioned on the DME website).

All task force meetings are open to the public.

Besides meeting on its own, the task force has also scheduled public focus groups around the city–be sure to sign up if you have not already.

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