Happy 2019! Continuing Odds & Ends From 2018

Amount of money that DCPS is paying this school year to a private charter entity to sublet a DC-owned, former DCPS school in which DCPS is operating a DCPS school that used to be a charter school: $904,166.69

Number of leases of DC-owned, former DCPS school buildings rented out to charter entities available to the public without a FOIA request: 0

Amount of money in the last 2 years that Mundo Verde charter school has apparently paid to a California-based LLC to rent a school at 4401 8th St. NE: $0

Amount that 4401 8th Street NE was sold for in 2017, 8 days after Mundo Verde was approved to expand to that location: $12 million

The property’s assessed value: $19 million

Days before that sale that the lease (linked above) was signed between Mundo Verde and the new owner:  4

Date of a report quoting parents at Potomac Prep charter school as saying the closure of their school–housed at 4401 8th St. NE–was part of a plan to get another education entity to take over the building: December 16, 2015

Number of closed meetings of the DC public charter school board between October 18, 2017 and October 31, 2018: 7

Percentage this represents of total meetings of the charter board in that time period: 27%

Closed DC public charter school board meetings between March 2012 and September 2017: 0

Number of days in 2018 after the mayor announced Lewis Ferebee’s nomination as DCPS chancellor when a story about Ferebee’s involvement in a sex abuse scandal appeared in the Post: 18

Year when an Indianapolis news story was published about the scandal, titled “IPS Superintendent Ferebee Covered Up Shana Taylor Case To Get $60,000 Raise”: 2016

Duration of Lewis Ferebee’s tenure as head of Indianapolis public schools: 5 years

School closures in Indianapolis under Ferebee: 3 high schools, constituting almost half in the city

Duration of new deputy mayor for education Paul Kihn’s tenure as deputy superintendent of Philadelphia’s public schools: 3 years

School closures in Philadelphia under Kihn: at least 30

Amount of DC revenue bonds approved in 2018 for affiliates of Building Hope, a DC charter facilitator: $106 million (see here and here and here)

Amount of DC revenue bonds approved in 2018 for St. Paul on Fourth, an organization affiliated with Building Hope that runs both a charter school and private housing at 3015 4th Street NE: $32 million

Amount of annual property tax relief requested in 2018 for that address: possibly as much as the sum of $29,723.16 and $317,756.31

Reason given for the property tax relief: Operating at a loss

Amount Cesar Chavez charter school paid in 2016 (as documented on its tax return) for special education services to what appears to be a food services provider, Elite Group Solutions: $332,022

Special education providers for DC charter school students waiting for private placement vetted by anyone in DC government: 0

Alternative sites for Banneker high school besides Shaw Junior High examined in a feasibility study for Banneker’s renovation: 0

Number of empty DCPS high school buildings: 1 (Spingarn, per the recently completed master facilities plan)

Publicly known or acknowledged sites currently being considered for DCPS’s new Bard College high school: 0

Size of DCPS’s empty Spingarn High School: 225,000 square feet

Size of DCPS’s empty Shaw Junior High: 257,000 square feet

Size of current Banneker high school building: 153,000 square feet (per the recently completed master facilities plan) or 145,000 square feet (per the Banneker feasibility study)

Percentage of DCPS students who apply to selective DCPS high schools who aren’t accepted and subsequently leave DCPS altogether: 70%

Number of students this represents: Unknown

Reason given by DCPS for mentioning the 70% figure at a recent DCPS parent cabinet meeting: Expanding selective high school seats in DCPS as a way of retaining students

Number of new seats created by DCPS’s 2018 plans for selective high schools Banneker and Bard: 450

Explanations of either the Banneker or Bard plans in the recently completed master facilities plan: 0

Estimate of unfilled seats in school year 2016-17 at existing publicly funded schools in DC: >20,000

Approximate percentage of DC’s publicly funded schools closed between 2005 and 2015: 45%

Benefit to students of such closures: Possibly none

Jurisdictions using PARCC in 2014: 14

Jurisdictions using PARCC in 2019: 2

Percentage of the rating for DC’s publicly funded schools based on PARCC scores as provided for in DC’s ESSA plan: 70%

Page of that ESSA plan that mentions schools being taken over by other operators after consecutive years of low PARCC scores: 35

Number of DC’s publicly funded school facility condition assessments (FCAs) listed in the current master facilities plan: 114

Number of FCAs for charters in privately owned facilities, which contain no publicly available identifying information of the schools: 49

Percentage that represents of all current FCAs: 43%

Who decided that this information would not be publicly available: DC government officials

Who will get complete FCAs for those publicly funded DC schools: the charter schools themselves and a variety of private groups, including the Walton Foundation (which provided the money for the private FCAs), the engineering firm that was contracted to do the master facilities plan (AECOM), and education reform groups and contractors Education Forward DC and Ampersand Education

Number of DC charter schools subject to FOIA: 0

Mentions of school building condition in the new STAR school ratings: 0

One thought on “Happy 2019! Continuing Odds & Ends From 2018

  1. Thanks for this very revealing list. Among the many things it shows is that there is certainly no shortage of things to testify about when the agency performance oversight hearings get underway!


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