Sign This Now to #FixAllSchools

If you care that our by right schools are in decent shape for ALL children, sign this letter by March 19, demanding that Mayor Bowser and our other city leaders #fixallschools.

Ward 6’s education council, the Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization (CHPSPO), is leading this effort to ensure that all DCPS schools are brought quickly to the same, modern, standards–and adequately maintained for future generations.

In a wealthy city in the richest country on earth, there are very few compelling reasons that any child in DC should attend a public school with pressing health and safety issues–and yet, we know this is the case here.

This new letter asks that city leaders

–Fully fund the Capital Improvement Plan;
–Ensure that 12 schools that have never had a modernization get into that plan; and
–Fund stabilization efforts.

The letter and signatures will be delivered to the mayor and all council members the last two weeks of March.

Please pass it on–and if you need inspiration, there is plenty here and here.

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