Getting Ahead of School Nurse Information (Which Appears to Be Behind the Curve)

Starting tomorrow evening, there will be two public information sessions concerning the change in the nurse contract (and thus nurse staffing) in all DC public schools:

October 5, Dunbar High School (101 N St. NW)

October 17, Thurgood Marshall Charter School (2427 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SE).

Both forums are from 6 pm-8 pm.

DCPS has one website for general information on school nurses, which provides a link to another website with more specific information. The memo on the latter website is from either the DC department of health or OSSE (not clear which, but the same information is posted on the websites of both agencies–I found nothing on the subject this morning on the charter board website).

This memo says that questions about school nurses can be directed to the DC department of health via email ( or phone (202-442-9411).

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