DCPS Wants Feedback on Its SY 16-17 Calendar

So, as reported on my school listserve (after it was posted on DCUrbanMom), DCPS is seeking feedback on its proposed SY 2016-17 calendar.

The proposed calendar is here, and the survey is here.

Sadly, DCPS itself doesn’t make this process easy, if you wish to find (or just happen upon) this on the actual DCPS website. From the DCPS home page, for instance, you need to go to the tab on the home page of “Our Schools,” then go to “School Calendars,” then click on the link “School Year 2016-2017 Proposed Calendar (Submit Input).”

Basically, you need to know the survey’s there to avail yourself of it.

The proposed calendar appears to adhere to 181 school days, which would suggest that DCPS is not, in fact, lengthening the school year, as they had been advocating.

However, the upshot of input by parents and others in that prior survey (as well as other surveys DCPS had once available on the engagedcps.org website) appears to be unavailable–and the website itself unattended since November.

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