Parent Engagement in Schools: Part 1

What does parent engagement in schools mean? Ask 100 people–and get 100 different answers.

Here is what parent engagement looks like from the perspective of the agencies in charge of DC public schools:


The chancellor has a parent cabinet for which DCPS is seeking new members. The deadline for applying is October 1. Members of the cabinet meet monthly with the chancellor to discuss city-wide school issues. Members are either current DCPS parents or prospective ones from around the city, all not employed by DCPS. Openings are currently available in the following wards:

Ward 1 – 2 Openings
Ward 2 – 2 Openings
Ward 4 – 1 Opening
Ward 5 – 1 Opening
Ward 7 – 1 Opening
Ward 8 – 2 Openings

Applicants must answer the following essay questions in 1-2 paragraphs for each question:

1. You are sitting in your first meeting with the Chancellor, and she asks you what the leading topic of interest is among parents in your school community or neighborhood. What do you say, and what examples do you reference as support?
2. In a Cabinet meeting, you hear about a new literacy program that DCPS is implementing. The Chancellor asks the Cabinet to share this information with their school communities, collect feedback from fellow parents, and report back in the next meeting. What is your plan to share this information and collect feedback from your peers?
3. What is the one burning question you would like to ask the Chancellor? Why?


The DC Public Charter School Board (DCPCSB) is also seeking members for its newly reconstituted community advisory group, called the parent and alumni leadership council. The body ideally is 20-25 people who either have a student enrolled at a charter school or are graduates of a charter school.

Meeting bi-monthly, the council advises DCPCSB staff and charter board members on issues regarding charter schools in DC.

DCPCSB looks for a diversity of schools, age groups, and locales when selecting members for this 2-year commitment. Elected officials, members of the press, or charter school board members are not allowed to serve. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to

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